What to Do and Not To Do After a Fire in Your Home

Things to do and not to do after a fire in your home

There is a lot of confusion during a fire in your home. In such a condition, it can be difficult to think straight & make decisions. But once the fire has subsided, you must make some significant decisions to save your family & valuables from fire damage.

Here in this article, we will discuss things to do and not to do after a fire in your home. It will give you an idea of what you should do and avoid after a fire.

Things To Do After A Fire In Your Home

Ensure Your Safety

Before entering your home after the fire is under control, you have to ensure it is safe, as fire & smoke damage can often affect the structural integrity of a building. You also have to look out for other hazards, like electric shocks from damaged wirings and water leftover from putting out the fire.

Moreover, harmful gasses like Carbon Monoxide may still be present in your home after a fire. Therefore it is best to monitor the Carbon Monoxide level in your home before you enter.

Call Your Insurance Company

You should contact your insurance company, preferably within 24 hours of the fire damage. The earlier you notify the insurance company of your damage, the quicker you will be compensated for your losses. But for that, you need to verify your claims with your insurers. It is why you should carefully document every damage to your home due to the fire.

But you should be honest & transparent about your claims. Otherwise, you may void all of your claims.

Throw Away The Exposed Edibles

When you enter your home after a fire, don’t consume anything exposed to the smoke & soot from the fire. It includes any edibles and even uncovered water. Particles of ash and soot may be present in these items, which can cause many health issues ranging from allergies to poisoning.

TIP: if you left your fridge open during the fire, discard all the edibles in your fridge as they are not fit for consumption anymore.

Limit Your Activity

Post-fire, you should avoid moving around in your house too much as there are chances of an accident due to the slippery floor, and you may accidentally move the soot from the fire and cause it to get deep inside your carpet and upholstery.

You may also inhale the harmful smoke particles if you constantly keep on moving in a fire-damaged house. It can cause several health issues & may lead to lung problems.

Hire Professionals

After following the basic safety procedures and calling your insurance providers, you should hire professional fire damage restoration services. But before hiring the professionals, you must check if they have valid licenses & insurance.

A trustworthy restoration company will respond quickly to your needs and will ensure that the restoration work is done properly & on time. Professionals will also take care of negotiations with the insurance company to help you get full compensation.

Things Not To Do After A Fire In Your Home

Enter The House Without Permission

You should avoid entering your home unless the fire department gives you the green light to do that. You should follow the fire department’s instructions as they know when it is safe to enter a house and when it is not.

Try To Fix Damage Yourself

It can be tempting to fix small damages in your home by yourself after a fire. But there are many reasons why you shouldn’t try to fix the damage yourself. Some of the most prominent reasons are:

  • The objects left exposed to the smoke & soot may contain many harmful carcinogens.
  •  You can cause more damage to the items by trying to clean them. For instance, you can embed the soot deeper into the carpet or clothing, which becomes more difficult to remove.

Turn On the Power Or Gas

After the fire, when you enter your home, you should avoid turning on the power and gas of your home. There may be damaged wires and gas lines in your home which can get triggered by turning on the power and gas and lead to unfortunate accidents.

Turn On The Electrical Equipment

If your electronic appliances get exposed to fire and smoke, do not try to switch them on without consulting the professionals, or better yet, let the professionals check the device and tell you if it is safe to turn on.

If you turn on the device without professional guidance, you may damage the device & void the warranty, and also risk harming yourself.

Bottom Line

If you know the things to do and not to do after a fire, you can avoid harm to yourself & your family. Moreover, you can also prevent further damage to your property until you can call a professional restoration service to help you.

Remember to also listen to the instructions given by the fire department in case of a fire and practice fire safety to avoid future accidents.


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