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Professional Smoke Damage Cleaning Services in Indianapolis

When your home or business has smoke damage the thought of cleaning up the mess, and figuring out how to get rid of the odor, can be overwhelming. The reality is that in most cases, you will need advanced equipment and techniques to minimize damage and losses.

At Indy Professional Restoration our team of smoke damage cleaning experts will use specific techniques dependent on the situation, from thermal fogging to hydroxyl generators in order to both effectively deodorize and salvage as much of your property as possible.

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The Dangers Of Smoke Damage

The dangerous side of smoke is that it contains harmful chemicals. Due to the nature of smoke, these chemicals are mixed into our airways and can travel throughout your entire house through your HVAC system and clings to various materials. Among these materials are:





Windows & Draperies

Exposure to these smoke particles poses a number of health risks, particularly for those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues like emphysema. If you have smoke damage in your home or business, call the professionals at Indy Professional Restoration to schedule a free inspection.

Our Smoke Damage Cleaning Process

Smoke Damage Inspection

If you have smoke damage in your home or business, call Indy Professional Restoration and we’ll send a smoke damage expert to your property to complete a thorough inspection. This inspection will allow us to develop customized restoration plan along with an accurate timeline and cost estimation.

Smoke & Soot Cleaning

In the aftermath of a fire, there is typically a layer of soot on every surface that needs to be cleaned. But the real damage is done by the smoke, which penetrates deep into your walls, flooring, carpets, and essentially every other surface that it comes into contact with. Depending on the source of the smoke, the damage will vary and so will the techniques required to clean and restore the damaged materials. Our team of certified technicians utilize a combination of wet, dry, abrasive, immersion and foam cleaning methods.


After the soot and smoke residues have been cleaned, the odor of the smoke still remains and will need to be addressed. At Indy Professional Restoration we have the equipment and training to remove odors from materials such as draperies, clothing, walls, carpet, furniture, ceilings, and duct work.

Smoke Damage Repairs

Depending on the damage that was caused in your your home or business, there may be a number of repairs that need to be completed before your property is returned to its pre-disaster condition. As a licensed general contractor, Indy Professional Restoration is capable of completing every repair, big or small.

3 Easy Steps

Quick Estimates

After our free site inspection, Indy Professional Restoration will quickly provide you with an accurate estimate on the project timeline and cost.

Safety First

Our job at Indy Professional Restorations to restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition and make sure that your property is safe and health hazard free.

Deep Cleaning

When it comes to smoke damage cleaning, it’s more than just a surface job. At Indy Professional Restoration we have the equipment and techniques to clean deep.