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Professional Sewage Damage Cleanup Services in Indianapolis

Sewage cleanup is a difficult and hazardous job that requires a professional team of restoration experts with the proper equipment and certification in order to safely remove the waste from a residential or commercial property as quickly as possible.

If you have a sewage related disaster at your home or business, call Indy Professional Restoration and we will send a sewage damage cleanup specialist to your property to conduct an inspection and develop a cleanup plan that will resolve the issue and restore your property to its pre-disaster condition.

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Our Sewage Damage Cleanup Process

Sewage Damage Inspection

After you call Indy Professional Restoration for sewage damage cleanup, we will send out a technician to conduct an inspection. This allows us to develop a plan and estimate with accurate timelines and cost.

Water Removal

Depending on what type of sewage related disaster you experienced, we will need to remove some standing sewage water from your property. Because this water is contaminated, it has the ability to damage everything that it comes into contact with, and the longer it takes to remove this water, the more damage it will do.

Damaged Materials Removal

Based on what we find after removing the sewage water, we will begin to remove the irreparably damaged materials and dispose of them appropriately based on the IICRC guidelines.


As with all water related disasters, the most important part of the restoration is to completely dry the area after removing the water. In this step our sewage damage cleanup team will utilize industrial blowers and dehumidifiers to completely dry your property and protect your home or business from further damage and mold growth.

Damage Repairs

Whether the sewage related disaster was a plumbing issue or caused by a natural disaster, our restoration professionals will be ready and able to complete any fixes necessary to return your home or business to its pre-disaster condition.

3 Easy Steps

Quick Estimates

After our free site inspection, Indy Professional Restoration will quickly provide you with an accurate estimate on the project timeline and cost.

Complete Restoration

Indy Professional Restoration doesn’t consider the job done until the area is cleaned and every necessary repair is completed to your satisfaction.

Sanitary Disinfection

After we’ve removed the sewage, our sewage damage cleanup team will thoroughly disinfect and sanitize your entire property to ensure no health risk remains.