What Can Cause Water Damage To Your Home?

What Can Cause Water Damage To Your Home

Water damage can be a destructive event for any home. Coping with this disaster is not easy, but prevention is. Know some common causes of water damage in your home to avoid this danger.

For those who don’t know water damage is any harm caused by water intrusion in a property, be it plumbing issues, water-based appliance errors, or damage due to natural disasters. It can be damaging to your home and your belongings.

It’s not merely property damage. Your family’s health, mental peace, day-to-day tasks, and everything get compromised. Furthermore, this damage can be heavy on your pocket too if not addressed in an early stage.

3 Most Common Causes of Water Damage In Your Home

Faulty / Old Appliances

Water-based appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters, sprinkling systems, refrigerators, and dishwashers are prone to give your home water damage, especially if they are malfunctioning or old. Any leaks or damage in their connections to the water supply or loose hoses can lead to pooling. Walls can also soak the leaking water, thus causing water damage and mold.

Plumbing Issues

The fault in the plumbing is the most common cause of water damage. Several factors are included in it.

Damaged main supply line:

The main supply line acts as a major water source for all the connections in your home. If that has a crack, rusting, or any damage, it can be a huge water disaster for your home. Extreme temperatures can also cause issues in the main water supply line.

Leaking pipes:

Leakage is yet another causing factor of water damage. Loose fitting and rusting of pipes can lead to leakages, making the surroundings wet and prone to water and mold damage.

Clogged gutters:

The debris/waste collected in gutters over time blocks the passage of water through them. So the water overflows and pools on the flooring and basement area, also leading to huge damage to your ceiling, walls, and other structures of your house.

Blocked drains:

Clogging of drains can also lead to water damage to your home. Any obstructing object in the drain pipe hindering normal drainage flow can lead to flooding on your property.

Burst pipes:

Pipe bursts can happen when the temperatures are extremely low. The water in the pipe freezes and thus the ice expands making the pipe burst. This can lead to a huge mess of water with significant damage to your property.

Sewage backup:

A situation in which the toilets and sink overflow is not only damaging to your property and health but utterly disgusting too. Septic tanks also cause water damage by overflowing upon filling up.

Water overflow:

The recklessness of leaving the sink taps or faucets turned on can pool your rooms with water. This damages your flooring while also causing mold in your carpets and surroundings.

Natural Disasters

A natural disaster like heavy rainfall, hurricane, or extreme snowfall can also cause huge damage. The heavy rainfalls can cause flooding across your house. The snowfalls can damage your roofing structure, making water leaks happen inside the house.

Last Words

Whether it is slow & imperceptible damage or instantaneous & catastrophic, water damage can be disastrous for your home. It washes away your property, giving lots of damage and restoration costs. However, by knowing some of the above-mentioned common causes of water damage, you may get help to avoid dealing with it.

Additionally, if you are already coping with water damage, you should immediately contact a water damage restoration service. Professional help will better bring your house back to its normal state as soon as possible.


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