5 Steps to Follow after The Storm

Steps to Follow after The Storm

Storms are unpredictable and devastating forces of nature. Looking out for your safety during a storm is important, but the question is what to do after a storm.

After a storm, you should avoid making rash decisions and think about the best ways to minimize the damage to your property until you call professional storm damage restoration services.

But we can help you avoid excessive damage to your property by discussing quick steps to follow after the storm in the following article.

5 Immediate Steps to Follow after The Storm

1. Ensure that it is Safe to Enter your Home

One of the first steps to follow after the storm is not to enter your home without checking that it is safe to do so, and you can do the following things to ensure safety before entering your home.

  • If you notice or suspect downed power lines, immediately contact the concerned professionals while maintaining your distance.
  • Look out for hazards like nails and broken glasses.
  • Maintain distance from any standing water, especially near the power lines.
  • Only enter your home after storm damage with proper lighting. But avoid open flames like candles.
  • Be alert about physical hazards like collapsed walls, damaged roof materials, and water in the basement.
  • Turn off the gas and power supply to prevent any severe accidents.

Once you confirm that it is safe to enter your home, do the next step.

2. Review the Damage to your Home

It is crucial to document the damage to your home to the fullest extent for insurance purposes. Start by taking pictures of the subsequent damage.

Home’s Exterior: Cracked walls & damaged sidings.
Windows and Doors: Cracked glasses and broken doors.
Heat and Electrical: Discoloration and damage due to damaged transformers or gas lines.
Broken Equipment: Any damage to small and big appliances.
Outlet and Fixtures: Signs of water damage to them.

3. Contact your Insurance Provider

Once you have documented all the damage to your home, it is time to call your insurance providers. Your insurance company can help you get compensated for your losses due to the storm. But first, they will verify your claims, which is why you need proper documentation.

Remember to be always honest while making claims because there are chances that your insurance company won’t pass your claim if it is exaggerated or false.

But also remember that the compensation is not limited to the physical damage due to the storm but also the mental anguish and other inconvenience caused by it. So the cost of things like the charge for a temporary hotel room is also included in the compensation.

4. Call Professional Restoration Services

After calling your insurance company, immediately call a professional storm damage restoration company to keep the damage to your property in check. But before hiring the professionals, ask for their licenses and validity.

Professionals can restore your property to its original condition with their modern equipment and methods and complete the restoration work on time to avoid any health consequences to your family.

5. Do some Minor Repairs

Lastly, while you wait for professionals to arrive, you can do some small repairs yourself. For instance, you can board up the leaking doors and windows to prevent the influx of water into your home. Doing minor repairs as soon as possible can save your property from further damage and expense.

Is Hiring Professionals to Restore my Property after Storm Damage Worth it?

After a storm, your property has likely sustained heavy water damage due to rainwater and floods. And some damage can be too extensive for you to repair while recovering from the trauma of the experience.

Professional storm damage restoration services can provide you with timely assistance and restore your property to its original condition as soon as possible because they know the steps to follow after the storm. So, hiring professionals is worth it to save your property from further damage and make it livable in a short time.


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